25 de mayo de 2008

Nike's Amp+ watch


Quietly -- too quietly perhaps since Apple hasn't update their site yet -- Nike's $79.00 Amp+ Sport Remote Control just made its first appearance on Nike's online store. That "+" indicates that this device integrates with Apple's wee iPod nano receiver for Nike+ shoes allowing you to wirelessly track and monitor your runs and personal progress. Yes, it's a watch too; an LED display shows the time of day with those biggie, iPod icons appearing only when activated by the remote. It's also water resistant for you Mr. Sweaty McFaty, up to 50-meters in fact just in case your glands react unfavorably to your new Twinkie-free lifestyle. With the Amp+ now shipping, it's reasonable to expect the other unannounced devices we peeped back in January to go to market as well, donchathink?