25 de mayo de 2008

Cybook Gen3 e-book reader gets reviewed

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Bookeen's Cybook Gen3 e-book reader has been a long time coming, but now that it's out in the wild we're finally starting to get some reviews of the device, including this fairly thorough one from the folks at The Future of Things. Unfortunately for those looking forward to the reader, they found it to be quite a mixed bag. On the upside, they found the device to be thin, light, small and fast, with it also boasting solid battery life and, most importantly, a screen that's "very comfortable" to read, even outdoors. They were also impressed with the Cybook's RSS support, and the Mobipocket format used for e-books. On the downside, the page flip mechanism proved to be "cumbersome," and they found that the current firmware left a lot to be desired, with them even going so far as to say that it felt like it was "rushed to the market too soon." They were also somewhat disappointed by the lack of SDHC support, and a lack of wireless connectivity (be it 3G or WiFi). They also point out, however, that none of the e-book readers out there are perfect, so if you're in the market for one you'll just have to pick the trade-offs you're willing to live with.