25 de mayo de 2008

Next-gen Toyota Prius: bigger, stronger, more Prius-like than ever before

We already know that Toyota has an eye to the future with the Prius, likely switching up the batteries and adding a plug-in option, but now we've got a little more news on what shape the next generation fuel-saver will take. According to Auto Observer, the new model (said to be showing up at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show) will sport a larger, 1.8 liter engine, a ten percent increase in fuel efficiency, and will undergo a fairly noticible redesign (though we doubt it will end up looking like the concept car above). Pundits say the new Prius will be larger, may be available in a wagon version, and there are suspicions that Toyota will grow the brand and include a compact version of the hybrid as well. One thing's for sure: with an increase in production of 60 percent for the next iteration, the eco-friendly car is sticking around.

[Via AutoblogGreen]